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Who we are

Made with Californian Grapes, Emerald Triangle Cannabis and passion, every sip of Stonebush™ Pink feels like your favorite happy hour pleasure.

Our trademarked process uses traditional European fermentation practices to produce a light, crisp California treat. We then remove the alcohol, but not the taste, before infusing with THC.​

The result? A beverage with a delicate taste and aroma with a consistent low dose, rapid on-set and a premium grade THC infused experience.

Each glass of Stonebush™ Pink contains 7.5mg of THC, giving you a controlled experience starting approximately within 10-15 minutes of consumption

Low calorie, non-alcoholic, controlled low dose, rapid on-set!


We have a passion for good wine. And we have a background of product development, specifically in drinks industry. We wanted to create a drink, which tastes perfect, is enjoyable and makes you high in a controllable way. We have the expertise to make most delicious flavor of non-alcoholic infused wine and bring it to the market.

Stonebush™ was founded and is currently operated by a team of experts from drinks and cannabis industry and we are offering to our consumers a product that will exceed their expectations on how to enjoy infusion blends.


Bring your friends along for the ride. From dinner parties to big nights out to staring at the stars, we elevate every occasion.

StoneBush™ makes a THC-infused beverage with California’s finest grapes.

Enjoy it and forget about the hangover and the calories!

For chill nights, new experiences, and fun with friends that leaves you feeling refreshed the next day.


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